5 Types of Women You Should Avoid When Hooking Up

The dating and hookup scene is not always easy to navigate, especially if you have been absent for a while. However, there are always going to be specific types of women you should avoid when you want to hook up or have a causal relationship. These women will make things much more difficult for you than they need to be. While some of them might not be bad to hook up with, they can cause trouble for you later down the line. Some of these women will be bad luck for your future or they can just be mediocre or annoying lays, so either way it’s best to avoid them. It’s still worth noting that not all women fall into these categories and you might be able to have a perfectly good relationshipwith someone who does fall into one of these categories, but these are just generalizations that you may want to avoid.

It might seem difficult to tell what type of woman she is if you’re meeting up online, but there are still ways to find out. Remember that it’s worth it to review women’s profiles on casual dating sites carefully so that you can tell what you might be getting into. You can usually tell if she’s going to be trouble just based on what you find in her dating profile, and it’s usually fairly easy to spot certain types of women if you are hooking up in bars or clubs. As long as you keep an eye out for certain types of women, you should be able to have many more successful and satisfying hookups than before.

1. The Drama Queen

“Don’t be fooled – The tears are not real”

Women who are dramatic make for some of the worst hookups ever. Women on poor quality sites like CasualClick.com are sure to be trashy and more dramatic than a professional actress. You want to avoid dramatic women because they can make a short fling into a huge deal, which isn’t going to turn out well for you at all. Even in bed they might seem like a good idea because sometimes overdramatic women can be a bit crazy with what they want to do, but if you’re worried about her clinging to you after things are done, this is the type of woman you want to avoid. Overdramatic women are usually fairly easy to spot in person, since they will be very animated and talkative and may be easily offended. Online, you want to keep an eye out for a woman who seems to take things too seriously or blows things out of proportion.

If you can ensure that things don’t get out of hand, you might be fine hooking up with an overdramatic woman. However, if they decide that they want to stay with you longer you can get into serious trouble with her causing issues for you and invading your personal life. For a simple hookup, avoid womenwho seem to be like this.

2. The Wall Flower

“Take your time to find out if she’s a wall flower or not”

While you might not be able to tell if a woman is a wall flower by carefully reviewing her profile on a casual dating site, you still want to try and avoid this type of woman if at all possible. While some wall flowers might be fine to hook up with, she’s certainly not going to be your most interesting or coveted conquest. If you are getting bored with the hookups that you have, this is the type of woman you want to avoid. If she’s painfully shy, it is going to be a lot of effort to hook up with her, and it rarely winds up being a rewarding experience. All that effort you put into hooking up with her can easily be spent on a woman who will be a bit wilder in bed, so take the time to find out if she’s a wall flower and then head for the hills if you wanted an exciting experience.

3. The Heavy Drinker

“Find a woman who is not a heavy drinker”

A woman who’s a heavy drinkermight seem crazy and fun at first, but things can go downhill quickly. You might run into this type quite often if you’re using a trashy and low quality site like CasualClick.com, but if you can tell she’s going to be a major alcoholic, it’s time to run for the hills. These women are fairly easy to spot in bars or clubs. The reason why this is an issue is because if she’s drunk out of her mind when she wants to hook up with you, she might not even remember it in the morning and it can lead to questions of consent. This is an area you do NOT want to mess with. If she seems like she’s already lit, it’s definitely better for you if you decide not to hook up with her. Find a girl who hits the drinks a little less heavily to save yourself some seriously huge trouble down the line.

4. The Clingy Girl

“Avoid this type of a girl”

Girls who are clingy can be cute at first, but they can quickly lead to trouble if you don’t play your cards right. They can be difficult to deal with, so you may want to find someone else to hook up with entirely. A girl who is clingy is going to have issues with one night stands and she may even try to push you into a relationship you don’t want to have. Clingy girls can sometimes be very persuasive, so if you’re afraid of being forced into a committed relationship or you have trouble saying no, this is the type of woman you want to avoid. If she seems to have issues understanding boundaries and she wants to talk to you all the time, this is usually a fairly good indication of what women are going to be majorly clingy. If you get the sense that she’s one of these, run for the hills and don’t look back!

5. The Dominatrix

“Avoid such ladies who want to take control”

While you might be able to read reviews of some casual dating sites to find out if they cater to a specific niche, there are always going to be kinky women online. Kinks and fetishes are pretty common with British casual sex. Get some more information here: casualdatingtactics.co.uk. Find a good online dating site that caters to your kinky fantasies and fetishes. Some women are very dominating, and sometimes this can translate into being a dominatrix, or something close to one. You may want to avoid a dominatrix type if you’re not comfortable with the idea of being dominated. These women want to take control, and some guys don’t really find the idea of being dominated in bed very appealing. If you know that you’re uncomfortable with this, you should definitely avoid women who seem bossy, since you might not get what you want out of the hookup whatsoever. While she may agree to try a normal hookup, she’s also much less likely to be complacent and agree to do whatever you want in the bedroom. If you like taking charge in the bedroom, this is someone you want to avoid hooking up with. However, if you’re secure in your masculinity and you want to try something a little bit different, you might not want to avoid these types of women quite as steadfastly. You might wind up being surprised by how much you like it, whether or not you wanted to find out.

How to Flirt Online without being Creepy

“Let all this happen online”

One of the most common complaints from women on online dating websites is that the men who approach them are invariably creepy. Even the ones who signed up looking solely for a little carnal action generally don’t take well to being completely bombarded by blunt proposals, and sexual demands. Just because they want to be sexually active, a lot of guys take it mean they are up for anything and essentially auctioning themselves off. Unfortunately, wanting to sleep with someone and having to sleep with everyone are two very different concepts and we get to deal with the fallout. If you have ever wondered why getting laid online still requires strategies, you can generally assume most of it to be the fault of many other people before you making things more difficult than they have to be, flirting included.

Understand the Site You Choose

“Go through the website before making your profile”

This is actually a very straight forward concept that is somehow completely forgotten by a large portion of our community. What it comes down to is the simple fact that women sign up for different websites with different expectations of what they want to find there. If it sounds like we are stating the obvious, then congratulations, you already have a leg up on the competition. Here’s how it breaks down. Sites that bill themselves for dating, soul mates, and compatibility attract women who want to have an actual relationship with someone. Sites that bill themselves as casual dating, flings, and no strings attached will generally end up with a few women from the previous category as well as those comfortable with casual sex and having someone on the side in various cities or over brief time periods. Then you have your hook up sites and one night stands. Women go here for spur of the moment sex. Lastly, you have sites that cater to specific kinks which end up a little more community oriented, but generally still attract women solely interested in having some erotic fun. Whatever it may be, the hard fact over here is that you should always know how to attract women. And for this you should know
how to be awesome online. You’ll have to learn some tips, tricks and tactics if you really want to succeed in your mission to get laid.

“Know what you want”

This is where things get messed up. A woman looking for sex in Quebec City is going to sign up for the websites explicitly tailored to making that happen. That means hook ups, one night stands, specific fetishes and maybe some flings. Guys looking for the same thing? All of the sites. Doesn’t matter what they are for, so long as the area is right or the fetish is close to what they want. Boom. Done. Time to spam users until we get a positive answer.

If this sounds crazy, that’s because you understand the difference between these sites and want to make the best use of your time and effort when it comes to finding the right women for the right mood. Unfortunately, you are working against a history of women signing up for dating sites only to be bombarded by suggestions for sexual escapades within an hour of creating a profile. You are competing against people who log in to a casual dating site and initiate conversations by asking women if they like to be tied up. The fact of the matter is, there really is no way to come off seductive or suave in an online environment based mostly around text, so approaching someone with an explicitly sexual offer is generally going to come out wrong no matter what you do. When you combine it with the fact that most women on these sites are so overwhelmed by often unwanted attention, the chances that you will be taken in any way other than “creepy” are pretty low. So the first thing you really need to keep in mind when it comes to flirting with someone online is simply remembering the type of site you are on. Keep the content relevant to what she wanted to find when she signed up. That means if you are on a dating site, flirt like your mother can hear you.

Tailor Your Message to Her Profile

Whether you are looking for strategies for getting laid or just trying to land a date with someone, taking the time to read what she’s written is going to put you miles ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that most of the women on these sites are under a constant barrage of male attention. Yes, even the ugly ones. Yes, even the ones without pictures. Once they tick the sex or gender box female, all bets are off. The thing to keep in mind here, however, is that most of the guys spamming her with requests for chats, phone numbers and pictures haven’t bothered to read a single section of her profile. They aren’t complimenting her taste in music. They could care less about her sexual preferences. They saw the word “female” and jumped.

That is why she thinks they are creepy. That is why starting your conversation with a comment about her breasts, even if she is on a site for no strings attached dating gets you nowhere. In most cases, unless you are on a site that explicitly caters to hooking up people for sex alone, you need to take a deep breath and consider the information she has already put out there for people to see. What are her hobbies? What kind of outfit is she wearing in her profile picture? Speaking of which, do you have one setup for yourself? All of this makes a huge difference in whether she appreciates your flirting, or just thinks you are another creep among hundreds. If you really want to stand out, take the few seconds you need to read through her profile and start the conversation with a comment that shows you bothered. If you can manage this with a picture attached to your profile, she will fill a lot more comfortable engaging with you than faceless anonymity.

Start with Non Sexual Compliments

“Compliment on her beauty or something in general”

One of the most common strategies for getting laid online involves finding a profile with a picture of a pretty girl and immediately winging off a private message about how hot her body is and how hard she makes you. This, generously put, is not a good place to start. Keep in mind that most of this is going to apply primarily to sites for various forms of dating compared to one night stands and other hook ups. However, even for sites catering specifically to sex and getting you some, starting with non-sexualized compliments actually gets you farther in the long run. Women on these sites aren’t dumb; they know that in most cases anyone messaging them is primarily interested in sex regardless of what they wrote in their profile or the boxes they checked when setting up their account.

That does not mean leading with a compliment about her eyes, the flattering way she dresses herself, or her hair is not going to be effective, however. In fact, leading with something that innocuous will stand out all the more amongst the crowd. She is so used to being told about her ability to make us want her that just offering a compliment that only involves her is going to be a breath of fresh air. And, really, complimenting her separate of how she appeals to us is the only surefire way to not seem creepy.

Clues You Might Be Getting Too Attached

“Don’t request her for anything in this way”

When it comes to figuring out where she stands in the relationship, there are so many tips already out there, it really becomes a non-issue. Figuring out your own place in the relationship, however, can seem infinitely more baffling. We are nothing if not incredibly good at lying to ourselves, after all. How often do we convince ourselves that we can put something off, don’t need to do it, or can get by on less than we actually need? It is because of our ability to fool ourselves that we look for things like reviews of fling dating sites for Birmingham in the first place: we tend to trust someone else’s impressions over our own when it comes to the unfamiliar.

Instead of Looking Forward to Hooking Up, You Look Forward to Seeing Her

“Going on dates is a big sign that you are getting attached to her”

One of the most critical differences between having a fling and being involved with someone is the level of attachment involved. That is why, if we hook up for a fling, and suddenly find ourselves constantly just wanting to spend time with her, the chances that we are getting more involved than we intended is pretty high. The fact of the matter is that once you start violating the original expectations of any relationship, it is time to reevaluate where you stand, why, and what either of you want or can do about it. In the case of becoming too attached to someone who was supposed to be a fling, start with what it is you want to spend time doing with her.

This does not only apply to how much sex you want to have with her, either. The primary purpose of this tactic is to note change. While in most cases having a fling means having casual sex with someone you find attractive for the moment, it does not mean only this. In fact, many flings tend to be more romantic than sexual in nature. It is all about branching out and trying something different, often times without extracting yourself from a primary relationship you are already in the midst of. That is why learning to understand the difference between hooking up and hanging out is important. In the case of flings, while hooking up can easily mean just showing up for sex, it can also mean meeting somewhere for a date or a night on the town. The difference that we are looking for, then, is that instead of looking forward to the experience you are going to share, your anticipation is all about seeing her specifically.

You Contact Her More than She Contacts You

“Stop texting her”

Continuing along those lines, if you are not equally getting in touch with one another and you find yourself frequently vying for her attention, there is a pretty good chance you are getting attached. In fact, this is a very common thing to happen, particularly in flings since they generally have a romantic nature at least along with a sexual one. That is to say, you usually become involved on more than one level and that lends itself to becoming attached quicker than just meeting up for sex. No amount of reading reviews of fling dating sites will ever be able to tell you what your real interest in fling dating is: that is something you will have to figure out on your own. The quicker you do this, however, the more likely you will be able to tell when you start too become too attached to her, the situation, or both. The level and type of communication is usually a very good way to judge this.

This is especially true if you change how you started getting in contact. For example, if you originally had a lot of correspondence through email, even after the first meeting, and now find yourself constantly texting her, even just on a whim, chances are you are getting attached. Likewise, if Birmingham suddenly feels like too large of a place for a decent fling and you respond by calling her more frequently or chatting with her online just to keep up with where she is and what she is doing, you are definitely more attached than you realize. Now, if she is doing this to you instead, it is probably the other way around. The primary thing to pay attention to is not so much how much you talk with one another, but who is making the initial contact. If it is you more times than not, there is a pretty good chance you are more attached than you meant to be.

Sticking Around Longer During Morning Afters

Another clue that you are more attached than is typical for flings is when you start lingering around in your morning after. While it is gentlemanly to stick around after a good lay and compliment her in the morning, and certainly charming if you make an easy breakfast for the both of you, there is a line between suave playboy and sticking around just because you want to spend more time with her. That line can be a little elusive, so you really need to pay attention to it. If, however, you think you might fall into one of the previous categories, comparing it to how you act the morning after can actually help to clear things up.

For example, if you find yourself making sure you have certain foods stocked for her preferred breakfast instead of just making whatever you happen to have around, there is a pretty good chance you are more attached than you meant to be. Hooking up in your pad, too, if you were previously meeting up elsewhere shows a level of comfort that might indicate more trust and companionship than you may have previously realized. The long and short of it is, just like finding reviews of fling dating sites got you to a service worth using, so too will reviewing your own actions shed some light on your level of attachment. Make the effort and ask for outside opinions if you have a friend or two willing to listen if you just aren’t that sure what something means, if anything at all. Typically, if you have discussed about it beforehand, then it won’t be a big issue in the morning after. However, you must take your casual encounters carefully. Visit http://flingsitesguide.co.uk/top-websites/ to read fling dating website reviews and learn some tips for dealing with morning after scenarios.

Forgoing Other Relationships

“You always have time for her”

Lastly, and most glaringly obvious, is when you start preferring her presence over other people. We don’t mean just wanting to spend time with her to get away from an ex, or to keep from hanging out after work, either. We mean that if you usually hang out with your friend four or five times a week, and after hooking up end up reducing that to once or twice, you may want to consider your motivations. While a new fling can take up a good deal of your time, once you get farther along, it feels more like just another event that happens and your schedule adjusts. If, however, you find yourself a decent way into the relationship and still preferring her presence to most others, there is a pretty good chance you are already more attached than you intended to be. This is because you are anticipating her instead of the date or hookup itself. Being aware of your habits helps learn the motivations and through that you will always find out everything you need to know.

Sony Digital Paper: An Innovative Technique

Digital paper might sound ironic. It is an interactive paper, which comes with digital pen. In a short interval this Sony digital paper has gained popularity and has proven itself to be an affordable and effective technology. The digital paper is of 13.3 inch and mostly discovered to be implemented in the universities for learning. The form factor of digital papers matches to the size of any A4 sheet or paper. The on-board digitizer allows user to scrawl over the electromagnetically induced touch screen.

Description and key features of digital paper

Sony has been planning to new and advanced working and learning styles by using this device apart from writing, storing and sharing electronic files over any network. In case of the digital paper, Sony has made a 13.3 inch simple and flexible electrophoretic display. It is larger in size than any typical e-reader and the weights of it are approximately 60 grams. Thickness of the digital paper is about 6.8mm. It has one pen holder. Excluding the weight of the penholder, it weight 358 grams. Digital paper supports file creation as well as handles PDF format. User is able to highlight as well as make notes within the document. It also supports sharing of notes or documents with the help of Wi-Fi. The device is attached with a stylus on a side.

One can use the digital paper with one charge for at least two to three weeks, assuming that the Wi-Fi is turned out and the PDF files should be viewed or used for an hour. This is mostly useful for those developing country students who don’t have supply of electricity at every point of time. It mainly relies on its own technology which forms TFTs with high resolution power on some plastic substrate. The display is unique and shows a gray scale of 16 levels. The pixel count of it is, 1200 x 1,600. It has a storage capacity of 4GB. Apart from this it has a slot for micro SD card that can be used for saving documents, if required. It has inbuilt dictionary that can be utilized by to discover the meaning of difficult words. There is facility of book marking that can be accessed with the help of touch screen. Another facility of storing memos, contacts, numbers or any shopping list can be saved.

Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad

Sony A4-sized digital paper notepad

Apart from all these features digital paper is not replacing the ipad or the tablet technology. It does not have any type of retina display. It is merely meant for taking notes and reading books. If this technology is implemented then it will be more worthwhile for those universities who can’t afford regular buying of the latest edition books. The popularity of this device will depend on the price factor. Sony has to make the price reasonable so that it can be purchased by the universities and the students.

The Sony digital paper is gearing its technology mostly towards the schools colleges and universities. These Digital papers aim at making the learning more comfortable, effective and efficient. It replaces the paper texts, documents and the materials provided in the universities as these are not so much comfortable to deal with.

Wi-Links IT Solution: Sony develops

Wi-Links IT Solution: Sony develops

5 Tips To Make Online Dating Worthwhile For Seniors

Teens and young adults were very ecstatic when online dating became so popular. This excitement was caused by the idea of meeting people near you or even those who live thousands of miles away. Contrary to everyone’s belief, online dating is not only meant for teens and young adults. Even senior citizens can take part in the exciting world of online dating. Here are 5 tips that can help seniors who want to enjoy online dating.

1. Be confident and ready to start online dating

It is never too late for seniors to start online dating. Many aged people are afraid to try this out because they think that this is not suitable for their age. This hesitation can make the online dating experience terrible. Before any senior begins to do online dating, they must be confident and ready to face another adventure.

2. Do some research about online dating

For seniors to become more assured and confident about online dating, they must do research about the subject. There are many online dating sites. There are pay sites and there are also free sites. There are also sites that cater specific people such as fitsingles.com. It is for singles that are fitness buffs. It is up to you to choose a site depending on your preferences.

3. Make your profile interesting

Online Dating

Online Dating

Once you have found the site you want to join, the next thing you need to do is to compete your profile. The profile is a very critical part in online dating. This is what other people will see first and it’s through your profile that they will decide whether they want to get to know you better or not. Make sure that your profile is complete and has your latest photo. Also, stop beating around the bush. Be direct about what you want and who you want to meet.

4. Be patient

Though there are many success stories about online dating, not all members are successful. As a beginner, it is important that you are patient while waiting for someone. While waiting, you can check other profiles or play some addictive games that most online dating sites offer.

5. Be safe always

When you have found and agreed to meet someone, always remember to take caution. These people you are meeting are still strangers so be vigilant at all times. For first meetings, it is best to have someone accompany you. Also, make sure to meet in public places. Don’t give out any information to someone you have not yet fully known.

Dating Singles with Children

Dating Singles with Children

Getting old is actually very cool. Not everyone has the chance to become a senior. Some people die young due to accidents and illness. Being old does not mean the end of the road. It is a time for you to enjoy what the world has to offer and one of that is online dating.

Juice Cleanses: Safe Or Hazard?

Juices are the beverages that someone can have at any time of day. It is the best substitute, when you need to keep your stomach light. Rather than quenching the stomach juice is better for dieting purpose. Every type of fruit can be made into juice that anyone will love to have. Also they contain all the essential nutrients that are required by the body. This is the reason why juice cleanliness is appreciated as the best way for dieting.

Is the juice cleansing good for health?

Juices serve as good cleanser for the body as they are easily digested by the body. Whether juice cleansing is good for health or not that varies from person to person. It depends on the health state of the person. The reaction can be adverse, if the body is toxic and so the reactions will be stronger and the detoxification process starts. By consuming juice, one is reducing the fat as well as the protein content of the body. Consciously restricting the intake of important foods might reduce certain amount of calories that can make anyone fell tired. Sometimes this may lead to fatigue, diarrhea, dizziness and other side effects as the juice does not contain fats and proteins. It may lead to uncomfortable situation and sometimes can be more dangerous to health. So it is required to have a preplanning before the start of the juice cleanses process along with it one should also contact the physician before getting into the process.

Precautions to be taken during juice cleanse

how to juice cleanse with the CAN

how to juice cleanse with the CAN

The juice cleansing is done mostly in warmer climate. The preparation should start before a week. The process begins by taking out or stopping the intake of eggs, meat, sugar, alcohol, fish etc. substitutes that are to be taken in the meantime are green leafy vegetables and fruits. After a week one should ho for the juice cleansing. One should be conscious not to gulp the juice in one take. They should be taken in proper and equal amount on regular basis. The intake of citrus juice can have adverse effect on the body as these are acidic in nature and so will form acid in huge amount if taken in empty stomach. The fruits that are to be taken during the diet should be fresh as these are the key ingredients. The drink or the juice should not contain pits, seeds etc. after 2 to 3 days of the diet one can switch to regular food habits. But this transition should be slow.

Benefits of juice cleanse

Juices are easily digested and absorbed without any aggravating the digestive system.

And help in removal of harmful wastes and toxins from the body. it contains all the nutrients that a body requires to keep fit and in shape. All type of fruits like carrot, bananas, grapes, kiwi serves as a cleanser for the body along with it the juices are mainly rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It also provides liver to repair and prepare itself to rejuvenate

What to Expect During a Juice Cleanse

What to Expect During a Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanse is a detox dieting process in which the person solely relies on the juice as diet. The juice cleanse is a form of dieting that is drinking of pure juice for a certain number of days. This range of the dieting should not last for more than 3 to 4 days. Finally it is the simplest and easiest way by which a person can lose calories as well as rejuvenate the body system.

Surviving A Tax Audit

At times some tax administrators try to bully or trick taxpayers to pay incorrect penalties or fictitious taxes. However, some are determined to ensure that the proper tax is paid. This means that taxpayers and practitioners at tax business should have similar obligation. When running your own business you should consider the following tips to enable you survive a tax audit.

Keep your excellent records properly. This is the best weapon to prove that your tax return is complete and correct in case you are audited. You may achieve this by relying on professionals for competence. These tax informed professionals will work with records you hand in to them. If you do not have a way of keeping them, they will help you to come up with one. It will enable them to give answers accurately and quickly producing the best results.

Do not be intimidated or bullied. Many agents will not mistreat or threaten you as a taxpayer. In case you feel like you are being intimidated, you should document this to the agent’s manager or supervisor for the agent to be dealt with. You may even request the agent to speak with his supervisor. The supervisor may decide to send another respectful agent to deal with your case.

Surviving a tax audit

Surviving a tax audit

File your tax returns on time. This should be done within the first few months of a new year after a complete financial year. Authorities will then have the next three years to examine your returns and for clarification if necessary. As a taxpayer you should not do a mistake of giving them these three years. The three years will allow the agents to drag the process inflating your cost of representation. This increases the chances of exposure to penalties and any potential interest. The agent is also able to raise more issues especially if there is a new legislation supporting them.

Do not try to represent yourself. The auditing process will work best when dealt with by professionals and limited to the issues raised by the editor. Your presence as a taxpayer will invite incorrect or incomplete responses to the editor’s questions. You should be represented by a professional may be an attorney, IRS authorized agent or a certified public accountant. He will gather information correctly after finding out what the agent is aiming to know. He will then represent your information concisely and clearly increasing chances of success. The hiring will be costly but it is worth to note that he will give valid points. After hiring one, dismiss yourself and leave him to deal with the case alone. Do not go to meeting when he is meeting the auditor. Do not speak with the auditor directly other than a hello. This is because you will gain nothing by participating.

How To Avoid A Tax Audit,

How To Avoid A Tax Audit,

When the audit is found to be genuine, pay them if you have money. They may include penalties and interests due to late payments. Your goal should be to aimed at showing the auditor that it is time for him to leave. To achieve your mission, this will be quickest route to follow. What about giving them a try?

Five Essential Qualities Of A Successful Investor

In order to keep accurate track of current, past, and potential (future) financial situation, successful investors mainly rely on simple uncomplicated routines. Maintaining specific habits and routines is a quality of every successful person. Exhibiting passion and self control and the ability to combine both at the same time is a quality found in all successful individuals.

Attributes of Successful Investors

  • Keeping an up-to-date journal

A journal is a very essential element since it enables investors to maintain a list of all trades. On the other hand, a journal enables every investor to keep track of what is happening in the market by maintaining brief up-to-date notes. Even though this may not seem helpful in the present, it helps when similar situations occur in the future. It is also quite essential when the investors are considering reinvesting since they may refer to this particular trade and acquire all the information they need without having to redo a full research. A daily journal is a great opportunity for investors to learn from past mistakes. In hindsight, investors gather new insight and wisdom which may not have been available at the moment.

5 Qualities Every Founder Should

5 Qualities Every Founder Should

  • Prudent analysis of investments

Successful investors do not over analyze their investment especially for long-term investments. This is because daily analysis and monitoring is unnecessary and also a waste of time. Most investors analyze their investments quarterly. At most analysis can be done monthly since daily analysis can cause fear and paranoia over normal ups and downs of the market especially for long-term investments.

  • Definition of success

While some people may define success as being a millionaire, most successful investors view success as the process of making ‘slow’ profit from a long term investment. Though there is no standard measure of success, making an average return of at least 6% return on all investment is a sign that you are doing well and actually profiting from the investment.

  • An investor should know when to get out

Investment is all about making money. Therefore, once an investor has made enough profit from an investment, or when profits and returns start dropping an investor needs to know when to pull out their investment. Therefore successful investors need not fall victim to the greed factor by waiting till their investments reach a point where they are to make profits or break even.

Instead of Quitting Your Job to Work

Instead of Quitting Your Job to Work

  • Discipline

Every investor has their goals and objectives. On the other hand, most investors have taken classes and read books in order to gain essential skills to help them in their investment endeavors. Therefore, despite hoe lucrative an investment opportunity is, a successful investor will always stick to their original plan without the fear of letting a great deal pass them by. Discipline is quite essential especially to investors since the alteration of plans may lead to mistakes or losses in the long run.


Investors need to understand that at some point they may lose money due to some bad decisions. However, successful investors understand that success is making more money than you have lost. Once an investor comes to terms with making losses at some time, their perspective about investment changes completely and they will have less fear about investing. Having less fear is quite helpful since investors will be able to make their decisions based on research and not their emotions.